Peace is a state of mind, and an indi­vid­ual affair. Mak­ing Peace with One Self and Oth­ers is an inti­mate, spe­cial expe­ri­ence. Peace and Con­flict means dif­fer­ent things and is expe­ri­enced dif­fer­ently by each one of us.

As per­son­al­i­ties, Peace­mak­ers need dif­fer­ent tools, meth­ods and approaches for their work. Peace is a path for each one of us. Peace my Way serves those who seek guid­ance on their path. Dis­creetly, con­fi­den­tially, with the high­est pro­fes­sional stan­dards and ethics.

  1. How can we com­mu­ni­cate inter­ests and needs to a peace process, project or new ini­tia­tive? The way of how the sender pro­vides the infor­ma­tion, will have an impact of how it will be received. Thats why we pay atten­tion to the pre­sen­ta­tion of infor­ma­tion, and place empha­sis on how to get the mes­sage of peace across.
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  2. Trans­for­ma­tive work

    Ulti­mately for peace to hap­pen, trans­for­ma­tion needs to take place. Whether on the indi­vid­ual or group(s) level, if we are able to reach deeply to the core, there is an enor­mous poten­tial to grow from suf­fer­ing to joy, from vio­lence to peace­ful exis­tence, from unhap­pi­ness to hap­pi­ness.

  3. Con­flict resolution


    Con­flict is part of every­day life. If actors man­age it well, con­flict can be a tool and oppor­tu­nity for change. Oth­er­wise, con­flict can be destroy­ing lives, either phys­i­cally or psy­cho­log­i­cally.

  4. Research & Analysis


    Solu­tions to Peace and Con­flict can be found by also under­stand­ing the con­text and sit­u­a­tion of a par­tic­u­lar case. We pro­vide con­flict analy­sis using mul­ti­dis­ci­pli­nary approaches.

  5. Advi­sory Services

    We pro­vide advi­sory ser­vices on how to resolve con­flicts for lead­ers, gov­ern­ments and insti­tu­tions in the pri­vate and pub­lic sec­tor; we advice and design processes for peace ini­tia­tives; set up and facil­i­tate peace ser­vices within insti­tu­tions.

  6. Peace Coach­ing

    We pro­vide indi­vid­ual per­sonal coach­ing, and pro­fes­sional peace coach­ing. Our prac­tice is inter­dis­ci­pli­nary, to shed light on the path to free­dom.


We work with

  1. Non Gov­ern­men­tal Organisations

    Non-​Government Organ­i­sa­tions engaged in cer­tain processes may need super­vi­sory and debrief­ing ser­vices of their teams, scop­ing mis­sions for eval­u­at­ing engage­ment. Or solv­ing an issue within the organ­i­sa­tion.

  2. Gov­ern­ments

    We work with gov­ern­men­tal actors requir­ing assis­tance to organ­ise a peace process, par­tic­i­pate in nego­ti­a­tions, or in a medi­a­tion process, require a facil­i­ta­tor or advice or want to train­ing and coach­ing ser­vices. (more…)

  3. Organ­i­sa­tions

    We work with Organ­i­sa­tions seek­ing to set up medi­a­tion ser­vices, or who want to con­tribute to local peace in the coun­tries they are work­ing with.

  4. Groups

    Groups and group­ings that seek a set­tle­ment can ben­e­fit from our pol­icy advice, nego­ti­a­tion and medi­a­tion skills trans­fer, assis­tance in clar­i­fy­ing inter­ests and needs for nego­ti­a­tion in a peace process, strat­egy devel­op­ment or com­mu­ni­ca­tions.

  5. Indi­vid­u­als


    Indi­vid­u­als who need sup­port for their per­sonal trans­for­ma­tion, who seek pur­pose in their life, and do not know how to ‘get on with it’ but want to expe­ri­ence true peace in their lives.


We are

  1. Sash Mis­saghi

    Peace Agent with 30 years of expe­ri­ence in pro­vid­ing coun­selling, ther­apy and spir­i­tual coach­ing, using Yoga as the pathfinder for his clients. (more…)

  2. Dr. Antje Her­rberg (Santi Das)

    a peace agent with more than two decades of pro­fes­sional expe­ri­ence of sup­port­ing exec­u­tives, groups, gov­ern­ments and organ­i­sa­tions in peace facil­i­ta­tion, peace mak­ing, medi­a­tion, train­ing, teach­ing and coach­ing for peace and design­ing and dri­ving tran­si­tion processes in most regions in the world.