Peace Coach­ing

We pro­vide indi­vid­ual per­sonal coach­ing, and pro­fes­sional peace coach­ing. Our prac­tice is inter­dis­ci­pli­nary, to shed light on the path to free­dom.
We source our work from the our pro­fes­sional and the­o­ret­i­cal but also our prac­ti­cal insights with more than 30 years of accu­mu­lated expe­ri­ence. Our approaches is informed the dis­ci­plines of psy­chol­ogy, medi­a­tion, law, the social sci­ences, med­i­cine, and Yoga. Our coach­ing prac­tice is holis­tic and human­is­tic, rather than fol­low­ing a sin­gle track dis­ci­pline and tech­ni­cal approach.