Research & Analysis

Solu­tions to Peace and Con­flict can be found by also under­stand­ing the con­text and sit­u­a­tion of a par­tic­u­lar case. We pro­vide con­flict analy­sis using mul­ti­dis­ci­pli­nary approaches.
With decades of expe­ri­ences in analy­sis, we pro­vide clear cut, con­flict analy­sis both for the pri­vate and pub­lic sec­tor, with advice for process design, if needed, or spe­cific process advice for facil­i­ta­tors, medi­a­tors or any other actor.

For exam­ple, we have recently pro­vided a stake­holder analy­sis for the Nor­we­gian Refugee Coun­cil on the role of the Standby Team of Medi­a­tors, a pub­licly avail­able doc­u­ment: PMW_​UN SBT In Context_​2015