Non Gov­ern­men­tal Organisations

Non-​Government Organ­i­sa­tions engaged in cer­tain processes may need super­vi­sory and debrief­ing ser­vices of their teams, scop­ing mis­sions for eval­u­at­ing engage­ment. Or solv­ing an issue within the organ­i­sa­tion.
We know the work of NGO’s in the field of con­flict res­o­lu­tion an peace build­ing, and the issues that arise in the field, within the organ­i­sa­tional set­ting and can pro­vide advice, and facil­i­ta­tion. In addi­tion we can pro­vide advice and ser­vice in order to set up medi­a­tion ser­vices or medi­a­tion depart­ment of NGO’s that come from the devel­op­men­tal or envi­ron­men­tal sec­tor to work more effi­ciently in the field.